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Whatever your reasons for needing a car compass digital are, you should read our page carefully.

There are different types of car compass digital. They can be simple or they can be a more complicated-looking piece of equipment. Which car compass digital you choose depends on how you will use it.

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What are the Best Car Compass Digital

Prime Products 12-6033 Digital Compass

State of the art patented magnetic sensor technology provides clear, accurate and reliable directional headings. Directions are displayed in N, NW, S etc.

Smittybilt 791006 Clinometer with Compass

Smittybilt Clinometer with Compass is engineered to meet all the high standards set by the industry. It is highly durable and matches OE form, fit and function.

Consumer Reports
  • “My biggest beef is that the base is slightly curved and doesn’t sit flat on any surface on my Jeep dashboard.” – T. Hodge
  • “I knew that but I ordered it for decoration proposes… Well, it is so cheap and poorly furbished that even for that it didn’t worth it!” – C. Cunha
  • “At least the compass is working well (not sure how long it will last…).” – Adenilson Cavalcanti

Custom Accessories 18200 Airguide Compass
Custom Accessories

Dependable, high degree of accuracy. Easy to read dial with 5 degree graduation marks. Windshield and dash mount.

Buying Guides
  • “After 2 weeks in the sun, developed a leak and leaked what appears to be mineral oil all over my dash.” – joelkfla
  • “I can’t figure out the reason why,except that it is a piece of junk.” – Katy K.
  • “It is still undecided as to the exact way to point.” – A. Sierra

Rugged Ridge 13309.01 Roll/Pitch Indicator Clinometer with Compass
Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge offers Clinometers for those off-road adventures. Each style features two gauges: left displays side by side angle and right displays front to back angle.

Car Compass Digital Reviews
  • “There were no dimensions in the listing that I ordered it from and was expecting the unit to be a little bigger than it is.” – J. Altorfer
  • “The pitch and roll never balanced perfectly, but I overlooked that until the compass stuck.” – Jeremy W. Jewell
  • “Reads 10 degree incline and tilt sitting level on bench.” – D. Smith

Excalibur Roadside Talking Digital Car Compass

A clear human voice helpfully vocalizes your location – easy-to-read display helpfully displays precise bearings – World time clock with date, day of the week and alarm function, and thermometer in Fa

Rugged Ridge 63309.01 ATV/UTV Clinometer with Compass
Rugged Ridge

Each Rugged Ridge Roll and Pitch Meter (Clinometer) features two gauges: left displays side by side angle and the right displays front to back angle. Compass in the center.

HDE® Digital Compass with Thermometer Clock & Calendar

This device is the ideal companion for outdoor boating, cross country skiing, camping, hunting, hiking, etc. The device has three main functions; digital compass, thermometer, and clock/calendar.

Bell Mirror Mount Digital Car Compass

Bell’s Mirror Mount Digital Compass is easy to install on your existing rear view mirror. Day and night operational with display light feature. Displays direction as 1 of 8 cardinal points (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW), with an auto shut-off battery saving feature.

Wayfinder Digital All Terrain Compass VT220

Way Finder is used to direct a person into the right direction if the person does not know which direction is north south east or west

KVH Azimuth 1000 Compass - White

Self-contained digital compass Designed for the powerboater. Digital display and fluxgate sensor are housed in one watertight unit. Has continuous automatic compensation and NMEA 0183 output to loran, autopilot, or GPS.

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